!Understand Details -> !Delgate -> !Innovation

you don't understand the details [because you don't spend the time] means…
you can't or don't delegate [you don't control exposure when you do delegate] & [you don't create metrics/gates] means…
you don't innovate.

  • not understanding the details means guessing about whether or not the innovation is actually innovative
  • no exposure control & no metrics/means you can never win outside of the organization's comfort zone
  • relies on intuition and that's counterproductive because if the solution were intuitive you would already be doing it

Idea Transplant -> Innovation

analogous ideas lead to innovation in new areas


  • connectedness of WWW functionality applied to voice over IP
  • page rank functionality applied to a finance network that knows how companies that participate in a market with data about indicators who buy and sell e.g. the network knows which companies lead by indicator and a financial services product can sit on top of that network.
  • in higher ed., amazon.com-esque search results bring back course offering results which connect to non-linear information such as how that course fulfills the searcher's major requirements, classes like that one, classes others who searched for that class actually enrolled in, etc.