My partner wanted an upgrade from her current coin pouch that stands in as a wallet to a more versatile container that could hold many things. The versatility was a main factor so that she could basically alter the size of the wallet to be more appropriate for wherever she was going that day. To satisfy this need, I imagined up a wallet with as many practical compartments as possible but with slight adjustments that could make the wallet a bit bigger or more compact. By having a zipper or snap on the outer edge to act as a expandable side (inspired by my own suitcase) as an optional side where she could either put her phone as one of the main features she wanted or instead a compartment that had a coin purse and could hold other various items such as beauty products.


I was more excited to do this project than I thought I would originally be, bringing in some of my own supplies. I was also more creative then usual, but after listening to some of the other pairs, I became aware of my very realistic features that were not so magical but more practical and feasible. If I had thought to think even further out of the box, I would have probably imagined something similar to a magicians hat (but a lot more organized) where you can fit many things into and still manage to pull out exactly what you were looking for but I'm not sure how this would have gone over with my partner.