My partner wanted to create a wallet which had more spaces for photos. She stated that her wallet did not offer enough space to store pictures of her family and friends. My partner was concerned about having a wallet that was both compact, and versatile. The wallet would open like an accordion. It would have compartments for her make-up, and a place for her house keys as well. I chose to rapid prototype the photo album because it seemed to be the most plausible feature to construct within a seven minuet time frame.

As a whole experience, I enjoyed the wallet project. I benefited from learning how to accept my partner's feedback without being defensive. I benefited from learning how to create a product that was human-centered, instead of centered on what I thought was effective. Although my rapid prototype wasn't magical or fantastic. it challenged me to think outside those realms. For my wallet, I wanted non-practical features. This was a great exercise for using imagination.