When we first started the project I was worried that I wouldn't be able to think of a wallet that I haven't already seen or owned. Despite the challenge though, I tried to think of simple solutions to my partners needs and wants for their wallet. To be honest at first I thought the timing and the repetitive talking with your partner and then thinking on our own was unnecessary.By the end of the exercise however, I understood why we did those smaller exercises.They definitely helped with the final project- which is the while point. Now that we have practiced the steps to deign thinking, I understand better that even though the process can be tedious at first, it all helps out in the long run.
I also learned two things about building a prototype. The first is that a prototype doesn't need to very pretty or actually function, at least the draft of the first prototype. The second thing I learned is that it's harder than you think to build one. You have to really consider what you want to show and have people experience with the prototype.
For my partner, her biggest concern with her wallet was for it to be able to hold everything she needs in an organized fashion and still hold everything she may possibly need safely. I created a wallet that would have a slot for her cash, coins, receipts, and business cards. The wallet would also have a flap that extends out for more cards slots and her ID. The whole waller would open up flat and zipper back up to close. On the outside, one pocket would zipper close and fit her phone, but would be easily accessable. The other side of the wallet of the wallet would have -if technology permits- a slot for her to charge her phone, to put a cord in a pocket with a zipper, and another slot for her to charge the wallet battery when she has used it.
My partner was very fond of her wallet and we wondered why no one has designed a wallet yet with a way to charge your phone. She also appreciated my prototype and said it really helped her visualize the wallet. She also liked that the prototype I made was color coordinated.
Overall, this project was a lot of fun and helped to give perspective to the design process and what we will be leaning about in class this semester. I'm excited to have myself challenged to think in new ways and like I mentioned before, think outside the box while still inside the box!