Here is a photo of my prototype. The front allows space to store your cell phone, and the blue construction paper is supposed to represent a pull-out card holder for credit cards and such. The green straps are adjustable and can be moved to strap to the wallet the long way. My partner desired a sleek wallet that would be able to hold her go-to items (i.e., credit cards, receipts, business cards, etc.), as well as provide her with style and versatility. I really enjoyed the concept of this activity and I think my biggest take-away is that it's really important to always keep your audience in mind when constructing new things. It was interesting because my partner and I had practically the same needs and wants for our wallets, but our prototypes came out completely different. What I appreciated most about this process was getting to consult with my partner on many different occasions about how to best tweak my design. Each time, I made sure to listen carefully to my partner and tried my hardest to implement their ideas into it as well. What was probably the most challenging was figuring out a perfect balance of both my ideas and my partner's needs for the wallet. It was a bit frustrating to work in such a short amount of time, but I felt like I was able to grasp more of an understanding of how design thinking works.