The project was really interesting. I enjoyed how it made me reflect on my needs and pushed me to be able to communicate them to my partner. It was also a great opportunity to grow in empathy and listening. The process of narrowing down my partners wants about their wallet into a mission statement was really worthwhile. It definitely allowed me to concentrate on a few key goals and made the process a lot more organized. Instead of becoming overwhelmed over all the possibilities it allowed me to explore different options and to get creative. I can see how developing this skill can be applied to other variations of problem solving such as conflict resolution/mediation services, or planing actions and determining what specifically can be addressed on within larger societal issues. When it was finally time to sketch out five different ideas for the design we had already done the reflecting necessary to jump right in and to think of solutions. The physicality of the prototyping process also allowed me to see what was working well about the design I had thought of and allowed me to see things that could be improved. Being able to hear directly from my partner what they appreciated about the prototype was encouraging and learning about their concerns helped us get to root issues with the functionality. Overall it was a great learning experience and It was inspiring to see how active listening and concentration can solve issues in just one seemingly simple aspect of our lives.