Here were our 15 most popular maps from the past 12 months, followed by 10 honourable mentions that didn't really take off.

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Most Popular:

15. Incredibly Detailed Map Of The World's Religions

14. Roman Empire GDP Per Capita Map Shows That Romans Were Poorer Than Any Country in 2015

13. Fastest Growing Religion In Each Country Around The World

12. The Largest Source Of Imports By Country

11. The Many Disgusting Dishes & Culinary Horrors of Europe

10. European Food According to Italians

9. Most Popular Migrant Destinations By Country

8. Holland Is Not A Dense Country, But An Empty City

7. Percentage of Young Adults In Europe, aged 25-34, Who Still Live With Their Parents

6. Countries With The Most Venomous Animals

5. What If Nazi Germany Won World War II? Fictional & Historical Scenarios

4. The Genetic Map Of Europe

3. An Incredibly Detailed Map of the Roman Empire At Its Height in 211AD

2. How North Londoners View The Rest Of The UK Or Why The Rest of The UK Hates London

1. 2nd Largest Nationality Living In Each European Country

Honourable Mentions:

These were posts that we really liked, but that relatively few people saw:

10. Pangaea With Current International Borders

9. European & North American Cities Transposed Onto The Opposite Continent At The Same Latitude

8. Sharks Vs Humans – Who Really Kills Who?

7. What Does London Smell Like? These Maps Have The Answer

6. Kiribati & Interesting Facts About Its Geographic Anomalies

5. The Pacific Ocean is Larger Than All Land On Earth

4. The European Diaspora: European Ancestry Worldwide

3. French Mandate for Syria and The Lebanon In 1922

2. Dog Vs Cat Map Of The United States

1. The Japanese Surprise Attack They Didn't Teach You In School

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