Score yourself.

box.pngTotal number of maps you have made
box.pngNumber of Bernard videos beyond those already assigned you have worked through
box.pngTried techniques learned so far on other shape files (1)
box.pngAddressed a classmates problem by offering advice on the wiki (1)
box.pngRate your confidence level so far (6=very confident, 1=extremely timid)
box.pngSolved a QGIS problem by googling it (1)
box.pngHave checked out QGIS on Stack Exchange (2)
box.pngJoined the QGIS mailing list (1)
box.pngAsked a question on the QGIS mailing list (2)
box.pngHave georeferenced a raster image (2)
box.pngRead past chapter 2 in "GIS for Dummies" (1)
box.pngRead unassigned chapter in Brewer (2)
box.pngHave played with GIS at least 5 days per week (3)
box.pngWorked on GIS during spring break (before Sunday 9pm) (2)
box.pngFound other tutorials/videos on QGIS online (2) and used them (2)