Challenge Brief

Some variant of the map below has been used as the official Mills Campus map for many, many years. It is a one-artifact-solves-all-problems affair. You have been tasked with developing new map products that would be useful to people who use the current campus map and/or to those who might use a map as an interface for interacting with Mills, what goes on at Mills, it's history, etc.


1. Examine the Existing Map

a. Who was it made for?

Visitors to campus. New students. Neighbors who come on campus. Delivery people. Taxi drivers.

b. Who was it made by?

c. How many different kinds of information does it convey?

d. What does it omit?

e. What does it lie about?

f. List 10 Ways it Can be Visually Improved

2. Who Uses the Mills Campus Map?

Aim for 10 categories of users.

3. Who Does NOT Use the Mills Campus Map because it is a paper or simple web map?

Think broadly. .

4. What Mills Data/Information has GeoSpatial "Potential"

5. Briefly describe 5 Apps that might be developed in light of the above

6. Select one and describe how it might work

7. Describe some things we would need to learn how to do or get hold of to implement this project.